worked for a small, unfunded human-computer interactions startup, Fho-Bis, LLC, in 2003. He attended Gwinnett Technical College to study computer programming and attempted to transfer to Missouri S&T to major in applied mathematics but didn’t. He ended up working for a small company (HP-CVS) and various startups (Analytics 1305, Wuchubuzai).

Desmond started Hexagon Lavish® as a website back in 2011, however, two years later, he formed a short-lived partnership (Hunter & Watson) that dissolved after a partner-dispute. Desmond’s intellectual property from that “partnership” became the foundation that transitioned Hexagon Lavish® from a simple website (that Desmond used as a resumé) to the antiartificial scientific research and development company it is presently.

Desmond has formed Hexagon Lavish® around the foundation of utilizing the immutable principles of science [and mathematics] to develop products for the substantial benefit of the global economy. Under Desmond’s direction, Hexagon Lavish® will indeed solidify its mission to utilize scientific R&D to initiate growth and transition, not impede growth and transition.

Desmond identifies himself as being descended from a Foundational Black American lineage.

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