Practical Technology Improving Lives.

What We Do.

Hexagon Lavish® breaks the mold by reimagining how technology interprets information. Our growing team of scientists, software engineers, and designers passionately create customer-facing technology solutions for overlooked problems. We move the world forward by focusing on what matters most, you.

What We Believe.

We create impact through information, implementing new perspectives on technology development in support of a more equitable world.

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Hindsight is 20/20, Dublï sees clearly the first time.

Dublï utilizes image-based analysis technology that removes the uncertainty of what goes into your body. Our unique software champions accuracy and convenience when working with the obstacles of daily life. Its unrestricted detection functionality gives the power of information back to you, offering personalized food composition breakdowns. Life is made better with information you trust.

Personalized Profile

Select your allergies, intolerances, and dietary restrictions.

Snap a Pic

Take a picture of the food in front of you.

Dublï Detects

Our unique software detects ingredients based on your profile.

Your Personalized Results

Dublï lets you know what is in your food.

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